Welcome to the Art of Ballet

Yolanda is a qualified and registered Cecchetti associate ballet teacher. She has been doing ballet since she was 4 years old and really has a passion to teach children the art of ballet. Cecchetti is a classical form of ballet which originated in Italy and founded by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, who taught professional dancers like Anna Pavlova. 

Cecchetti is an international organization, which means all exams done with The Art of Ballet will be modulated and controlled through the Cecchetti society of South Africa and your certificate will be recognized world wide. The classes are fun and relaxed classical ballet classes that will allow your child's imagination to run free. I use modern classical music as well as exciting props.

Ballet is an excellent form of exercise and has many benefits to your child including: Developing skills like listening, concentration, co-ordination and memory. Ballet is a wonderful foundation to have for all dance and sports and gives your child great self encouragement and the opportunity to learn and grow mentally.