- Ballet Classes

These classes follow the Cecchetti syllabus and examinations are entered from Pre-Primary ballet class and up. Students without prior ballet experience may also join these classes (please enquire with Teacher Yolanda which class would be suitable)

  • Tiny Ballerina : Age 3 turning 4 years old - Pre-school
  • Beginner Classes : Age 4 turning 5 years old - Pre-school
  • Pre-Primary classes : Age 5 turning 6 years old - Grade R
  • Primary classes : Age 6 turning 7 years old - Grade 1
  • Grade 1 / Test 1 : Age 7-8 years old - Grade 2
  • Grade 2 / Test 2 : Age 8-9 years old - Grade 3
  • Grade 3 / Test 3 : Ages 9-10 years old - Grade 4
  • Grade 4 / Test 4 : Ages 10-11 years old - Grade 5
  • Grade 5 / Test 5 : Ages 11-12 years old - Grade 6
  • Intermediate Foundation : Ages 12-13 years old - Grade 7
  • Intermediate : Ages 13-14 & 14-15 years old - Grade 8 & 9

- Adult Classes

  • These are classes for Adults 18+ years old, that would like to do ballet as an exercise. You do not need to have any prior experience.

- Mommy and Me

This is a class designed for Mommies that would like to spend some time with her princess, bonding and doing something special together. This is a great form of exercise for both Mommy and Princess. These classes do not enter examinations and are fun, imaginative and non-competitive. 

  • Classes are mixed and start from ages: 7-8 years old and Mommy can be any age :)

- Toning and Stretching

This class is Pilates based, where we focus on your core muscles. This is great exercise to combat aches and pains, especially in the back. Its low impact on the joints but has some cardio. These classes are relaxing as well as rewarding.

- Art of Bellydance Classes

Instructor: Saret Steyn
Cell: 062 753 4977

This class is for those who are interested in learning all aspects of bellydance. Lessons are taught in a fun and informal manner. We will start at the very basics, building up to advanced level. History of bellydance, movement and technique,musicality and use of props form part of this 60min class.

- ShimmyFIT classes

In my experience I've found that a lot of ladies want to do bellydancing to get away from home or work and just have some fun with likeminded women and build a bit of a sweat in the process. ShimmyFIT classes provide exactly that. A 30min workout that includes basic bellydance based movements.

- Dance Therapy

These classes are small and are planned and run by a Qualified registered Psychologist. There are studies to prove that this form of therapy can have excellent results. 

  • Please contact us for more information if you are interested in these classes.
  • Recommended for Teenagers and Adults